About me...

I have many interests that have lasted for many years.  Photography is a major focus with over 50 years of experience in shooting and classic darkroom work.  Historically I have shot 35mm, 6x7 cm, 4x5 inch film.  Now days digital reigns supreme.  The latest Nikon camera bodies along with a collection of lenses dating from 20 years ago through the latest lenses of today and the major tools that I use.  I shoot most everything including: landscapes, panoramic, nature, abstracts, street, people, theater, macro, night time, under water and astronomical.  I am a Master's level member of the Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club (CCVFCC) on Cape Cod.

My educational background is an Electrical Engineering graduate of MIT. I have been in the field of embedded computing for over 40 years. Founder of several successful companies, I have used my experience and expertise to provide computer hardware and software solutions for many industries ranging from medical instrumentation, nuclear instrumentation, point of sale terminals, exercise equipment and color printing solutions. Past company and product accolades include "Software Product of the Year", "Inc. 500 – fastest growing company", "Most Significant Software achievement", among many others.  I apply my education and knowledge technically to my photography in areas of color management, data management, and workflow.  I try to use the best of technology to make it possible to get and print fabulous images.

Between my experience in photography and technology I have put together a series of presentations that have been well received by photographers.  I try to make these talks fun, informative, and engaging.  The more we can control our technology and put it to use in making our art, the better we are as image makers.

Other interests include organic gardening, bicycling, kayaking, fishing, cooking, music, playing guitar, amateur radio operation and experimentation.