Various friends and family have asked me to provide a way to see my images.  After trying various on line commercial sites (like 500px, 1x, etc.), I have decided to create my own site.  I like the total control over the look and feel.  I wanted to be able to present my images in exactly the way I wanted to.  So, here it is.  I used SquareSpace to host my site and provide the tools to create and manage the site.  It is one of the best on line tools for creating sites, especially photography sites.  

I also decided to formalize the various photographic things that I do and present them here.  For example, I have a series of presentations that I have created over the last few years to discuss various aspects of photography that I have learned.  My technical and artistic background allow me to think about things a little differently.  I try to present topics in a very clear and logical way.  We should be the masters of our technology.  Not the other way around.