I am available to present any of these topics for groups of a few to hundreds.  Please contact me with details of your event.  Most of the time these are given at little or no cost.  I ask that only expenses be covered.

The Problem With Color

As photographers, we would like to ignore the technical aspects of color.  We expect all this digital magic to just work.  Our images should display correctly on the screen, and print correctly on the printer.  It can (and should) work this way.  However, as we all know, it's not so easy.  This presentation is logically divided into two parts - the theory and workings of color management -AND- the practical aspects.  This is a fun and entertaining presentation that can be presented in a total of 1 to 2 hours depending upon time allotted.  I have customized it for anywhere in this time frame.  I try to take a very complex topic and boil it down into a logical and straightforward understanding of principles and then an easy way to "get it right".

Managing your images

I don't know about you, but I have many 10s of thousands of images - maybe even 100s of thousands.  My images span back over 30 years.  Keeping track of these, archiving them and being able to find them again can be daunting.  I'd like to share what I have learned.  What to do.  What not to do?  I use very inexpensive and practical ways to ensure that I can find images and make it VERY unlikely that I will ever lose an image to technology failure or obsolescence.  I cover local disk storage, cloud storage options, transporting images, Adobe Lightroom and various archival methods.  This is a 30 minutes to 1 hour presentation.  An hour is best to cover the breadth of topics and the inevitable questions.

Live View - The Many uses

Are you afraid of Live View?  Have you read the warning about don't leave your camera i "Live View" mode too long?  I explore the many ways one can use this mode on your camera.  This is a 30 minutes talk that can be stretched into an hour with questions.  Nikon specific equipment and techniques will be covered.

Sharpening - Don't over do it!

Learn what the various sharpening tools do.  We have many at our disposal and sometimes they can make an image look better.  But, look closely and you may see all kinds of strange artifacts that you wish weren't there.  Learn how sharpening works, why we need it and how to control it.  Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom will be used as the tools to demonstrate various principles and techniques.  This is a one hour presentation.

Pro level color printing

Learn what is involved in truly professional level color printing.  Everything from printer selection, printer features that are important, printer maintenance, color management, tonality, sharpening, paper selection, paper preparation, paper care & storage, archival considerations, trimming and mounting.  Specialized color printing software is also covered.  This is a one hour presentation.


John Markus - VP of CCVFCC

The change from film to digital photography has both emphasized and complicated the world of Color Management. Jeff Moore volunteered to use his background in this area to create and deliver two sessions on Color Management to be delivered to the Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club.

To be successful this complicated subject had to be presented in clear, simple terms with the patience to address questions from an audience with a mixed knowledge of Color Management.

Based on feedback, the sessions were very successful and combined with his excellent handout materials made for a wonderful learning experience. Thank you Jeff! 

Jon Rolf, PhD - Photographer

I have known Jeff Moore for several years, and during this time he has cheerfully provided me and my friends with with effective technical consultation concerning problems with our professional Epson printers. More recently, he has been sharing his expertise on Color Management. On these complex topics, I have witnessed his ability to present workshops on color theory and effective color management for making professional quality photographic prints. He was most impressive in confidently carrying his audiences (that contained persons with vastly different levels of technical knowledge) to higher and higher stages of understanding.

Sun Karchmer - Photographer - Harwich, MA

Can anyone take the subject of Color Management and make it interesting and understandable? My answer used to be, "No, and I just don't have the mental energy to care enough to learn on my own." I accepted the conventional wisdom of making sure the computer monitor was calibrated.... once. Jeff Moore changed all that. He takes what I used to consider a dry and always complex topic and makes it come alive. He makes it easy to understand why this topic is important for photographers and other visual artists and gives advise on how to apply the knowledge he shares.....Suz Karchmer, Harwich, MA.